It's July (already) and we here in the Den are having enjoyable within the sun. Hiking, surfing, picnicking...these activities need a playlist, so right here it is. Your July iPaw'd! Let us know what you happen to be listening to and Pleased July everybody!

Chris: The Dead Climate - So Far From your Weapon

Two words. Alison Mosshart. If there was ever a song that produced you should be around the run in the law, replica swiss made montblanc right here it's. This really is just begging to become the soundtrack to a higher speed chase by means of the Arizona desert.

Courtney: Red Hot Chili Peppers Beneath the Bridge

Just for the reason that these dudes are so badass... Satisfied Summer!

Kathleen: The Lumineers Ho Hey

This is the fantastic song to sit back and loosen up and constantly leaves me with a smile.

Boo: M83 Midnight City

I'm loving the retro synth-pop style produced well-known by the movie Drive. And I know that Todd wanted to select this song.

Kendra: Carly Rae Jepson - Get in touch with Me Maybe

This song is on my Ipod simply because each time I hear it I consider these images and can't aid but smile

Christy: Alex Clare - As well Close

I really like to play this song. I play it in the spin classes I teach, tends to make an incredible hill climb even improved!

Candice: Ellie Goulding Lights

I actually get pleasure from listening to this song within the morning or while operating because it puts me within a upbeat mood. swiss montblanc replica Not only that but they lyrics offer you a sense of empowerment.

Melissa: We're Young Featuring Janelle Mon¨¢e

I like this song since I'm in denial "I AM YOUNG" and I like to be carried property from the bars- ok not really

Ryan: Kanye West & Adam Levine - Heard em' Say

This is one of those songs where the beat fits with sunny weather.. montblanc replica ..

Kim: Chris Young You

I'm a country girl at heart and I had the chance to see Chris Young perform in the Grand Ole Opry a few years back. I adore his classic country voice and his songs with terrific melodies. This can be a cute video also!

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